Pocket Governance

Submit a Governance Stake

There are two Governance Stake options to choose from:

  • Trusted Stake: earn the trust of the DAO, deposit 1,000 POKT
  • Trust-Minimized Stake: put some skin in the game, deposit a sum equivalent to the POKT value of the DAO's treasury divided by the number of existing voters

Calculate Trust-Minimized Stake

First you need to query the value of the DAO treasury account using the Pocket CLI:

pocket query supply

This command will return the supply of POKT held within the on-chain DAO treasury account.

Then, divide this number by the total supply of VOTEs (voting tokens) in the Aragon VOTE Tokens app here.

Earn a Trusted Stake

There are two ways to earn a Trusted Stake:

  • Champions: earn the trust of Champions, by having one Champion vouch for you in the #champions Discord channel and at least 50% of Champions emoji react to their message
  • Pocket Community Game: achieve an Elite level on any game pathway, proving that you are a committed Pocket Network community member

Note: the Pocket Community Game is targeted to launch at the beginning of Q4

Submit Your Stake

To submit a Governance Stake, submit the following transaction from your Pocket Network account using the Pocket CLI:

pocket accounts send-tx <yourAddr> 6386713deb27b609daad5e2e32ee6591753e5f4e <amount> mainnet 10000 "Aragon-address Discord-username"

Your transaction memo must specify the address you’ll be using to interact with Aragon, followed by a space, followed by your Discord username.

Note: amount is expressed in uPOKT, which is 10^6 smaller than POKT, so you must add six 0s to the end of the amount of POKT that you want to send.

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Submit a Governance Stake

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