Pocket Governance

Join the Council

If you’re participating in Pocket Network you’re already considered to be a member of the DAO, but to participate in the decision making process you have to join the Council.

To join the Council do the following:

  1. Verify yourself using BrightID then register with the BrightID Discord Bot to be assigned the @Verified role*
  2. Follow the instructions in the #🎮press-start Discord channel to earn the @Nodemad 🐑, @Savant 🧑‍💻, @Shepherd 🧙, or @Cyborg 🤖 role*
  3. Submit a Governance Stake of 1,000 POKT to the DAO treasury, by sending the following transaction using the Pocket CLI. Copy the hash of the transaction once it has submitted.
pocket accounts send-tx <yourAddr> 6386713deb27b609daad5e2e32ee6591753e5f4e 1000000000 mainnet 10000 "Aragon-address Discord-username"

Note: amount is expressed in uPOKT, which is 10^6 smaller than POKT, so we must add six 0s to the end of the amount of POKT that we want to send.

  1. Go to this page, click Connect Account to login to your Ethereum wallet (should be the same as the Aragon address in Step 3), click Add tokens, then paste in your Aragon address and click submit
  2. Submit the following message to the #🗳claim-vote channel: "I would like to be a @Voter 🗳. My Governance Stake is ."

*To skip Steps 1 & 2, query the supply of the DAO treasury by submitting the following command to the CLI: pocket query supply, divide this number by the number of VOTE token holders in the DAO, then use this as the amount in Step 3, adding six 0s at the end

pocket accounts send-tx <yourAddr> 6386713deb27b609daad5e2e32ee6591753e5f4e <amount> mainnet 10000 "Aragon-address Discord-username"

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Join the Council

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