Pocket Governance

Remove Bad Actors

Note: this functionality is reliant on the ability of Voters to challenge proposals, which is itself reliant on Aragon Agreements, an app that hasn't been released yet.

Voters can be removed for violating the Constitution 5 times. A Voter’s violation count is inclusive of:

  • settlements = 0.5 violations
  • lost court rulings = 1 violation
  • violation of Principles = 2 violations, where an action will qualify as violating the Principles if it is successfully challenged on such grounds, and a vote in favor of an action will retroactively qualify as violating the Principles if deemed so by Supermajority Approval in a Signaling Vote (see Principles for more details).

If you suspect a Voter of meeting the above criteria, initiate a burn of their VOTE token by clicking the dropdown arrow next to their balance in the VOTE token app, then clicking Remove Token. You must include in your burn action a link to a PIP justifying their removal.

Updated 9 months ago

Remove Bad Actors

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