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Pocket Improvement Proposals (PIPs) include any proposals that aim to level up the Pocket Network ecosystem, through:

  • Upgrading the Pocket Network protocol
  • Upgrading the governance of the DAO and the Pocket Network Foundation
  • Adding/removing permission holders within the existing governance structure of the DAO

PIP votes will last 7 days and pass with Majority Approval, unless otherwise specified in the Constitution.

Submit your PIP here.

You will need the following details for your proposal:

  • Summary: layman-friendly 2 sentence description.
  • Related Proposals: PIPs that your proposal is reliant on, replaces, or fulfills
  • Abstract: ~200 word description of the issue being addressed.
  • Motivation: Explain why the existing specification is inadequate to address the problem that this PIP solves. For Permission PIPs, describe the motivations of the individual/team volunteering for the permission.
  • Specification: Required for Protocol/Governance PIPs. Outline a technical specification of the proposed upgrade, detailed enough to facilitate implementation.
  • Rationale: For Protocol/Governance PIPs, justify design decisions in the specification. Where relevant, acknowledge alternate designs that were considered and explain why they were discarded. All potential security considerations must be highlighted and addressed.
  • Dissenting Opinions: Acknowledge all opinions which disagree with the rationale of this proposal.
  • Viability: For Protocol PIPs, test cases are mandatory for upgrades which affect consensus, but optional for all other upgrades. Justifications should also be made as to the suitability of the implementers.
  • Implementation: What are the steps to making the outcomes of this proposal a reality?
  • Audit: For Protocol PIPs, this should include the details of the auditor and their final audit report. For Permission PIPs, this should include whatever background checks are required for the role.

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Pocket Improvement Proposals (PIPs)

Submit a PIP

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