Pocket Governance

Mint a Voting Token

Once your Governance Stake is 30,240 blocks old, you can mint your VOTE.

1. Check the Age of Your Governance Stake

To check that your Governance Stake is at least 30,240 blocks, first identify the block height of your Governance Stake:

pocket query tx <hash>

Then compare this to the current block height:

pocket query height

2. Mint a VOTE

To mint yourself a VOTE, go to this app, click Add Tokens, and paste in your Aragon address.

3. Notify the DAO

Once you have initiated the mint of your VOTE, you need to post your claim to the #claim-vote Discord channel in the following format:

"I would like to be a @DAO-Voter. My Governance Stake is [hash]."

If you do not notify the DAO, the VOTE mint will not be approved.

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Mint a Voting Token

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